Real Slow – 1990

Real Slow is Dylan Marks, a producer from Port Macquarie, Australia, with a fresh new EP out titled things that remind me of you. Released under label and promoter alaya, it’s his first substantial collection of work. 1990, a short but sweet future bass selection decorated with bright bells and filter sweeps, is our must-hear from the record. Little clips from TLC’s classic No Scrubs manage to slide a few words into the hook, but inevitably command the outro in full with a sing-along nostalgia that made this one worth coming back to.

Check out Real Slow here.

Cypress – Fruition

After a long period of silence, the blog is finally back and eager to pick up where we left off. We’ll start with New Orleans native Peter Klingelhofer, 23, who had been making aggressive glitch and step house since 2011 under the title Murder Beach. In 2014 he decided to turn a new leaf, unapologet- ically shifting his influences from the likes of Wolfgang Gartner and Knife Party to alternative electronic artists like Disclosure and What So Not. Now working with a new sound under a new name, Cypress, he caught our ear last month with Fruition. An original, in his words, “inspired by Flume’s Lorde remix and the new Odesza’s new album – this is the result.” You can taste Flume in the hook and What So Not in the build, but there’s a different flavor there in the mix that could, in the future, prove to be distinctly Cypress.

Check out Cypress here.

Black Sheep Will Be Back Next Week!

Hey all,

I wanted to apologize for how quiet the blog has been lately. My band released our first album last month, and I’ve been drowning in the logistics of organizing our release party for this weekend. So, I’ve been putting the blog on the back-burner. That said, I’ve kept my ears open and haven’t stopped hunting in the meantime. I’ve got a lot of great music in the bank that I’m really stoked to share with you soon, and a new interview on the way! So post up for a short while, because we’ll be back next week and hit the ground running again.

Much love,

Gio & Black Sheep Music

Coachella 2015 Lineup Released

lineupAll the rumors and speculation can finally be put to rest — the eclectic 2015 lineup is out. Whispers of Drake had been circling the web over the past few months, and they proved true. Steely Dan will instill us all with a strange sense of nostalgia we genetically received from our parents, Jack White will unapologetically tear his slide guitar to shreds, David Guetta will press the play button on his laptop, and AC/DC will limp around stage, with or without psychopathic drummer Phil Rudd, playing the tunes that made them legends while promoting a new album that, for better or for worse, sounds exactly like all their others.

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Jack Ü – Take Ü There ft. Kiesza (Tchami Remix)

The Take Ü There official remix album is out, and while I didn’t care for the original much at all, there are a few good creative spins to be heard: future bass from Zeds Dead, drum & bass from Netsky, and our favorite, grime house from Tchami. Trying out a different flavor, the French DJ abandons his usual gritty stab synths for some aggressive filter-play alone. But while the hook keeps you listening with a familiar and catchy flow, it soon becomes painfully obvious that the rest of the remix is just a feeble attempt to support it and fill the time. It feels like Tchami did the bare minimum on everything but the hook: Simple breakdown chords? Check. Copy/paste acapella? Check. Predictable snare build? Check. That said, I love the hook so much that I thought it was worth sharing, and also because I can see it being spliced into a DJ set to great effect.

Check out Tchami here.

Kimbra – Settle Down (Sweater Beats Redux)

Sweater Beats had been dropping this track every night before headliner Chance The Rapper at the Verge Campus tour this fall, and now he’s finally uploaded it for all of us that missed out. A spin on Kimbra’s prog-pop original, it throws an alternate chord progression and beat with an attitude behind her blue quivering vocal line and doo-wop harmonies. Would’ve loved to hear this one live.

Check out Sweater Beats here.

Genghis Clan & Bott – Roff

DJ Claude VonStroke started throwing free BBQ parties in Golden Gate Park back in 2001, showcasing a different, more experimental breed of house music that drew from hip-hop and garage influences. The success of the parties and talent of the lineup led VonStroke to found Dirtybird Records. Boasting names like Justin Martin, Shiba San, and Eats Everything, the label grew while the parties swelled, eventually becoming so large and infamous that SF officials withdrew VonStroke’s event permits. So, Dirtybird decided it was time to take its BBQ on the road, traveling to Brookyln, Detroit, Toronto, San Francisco, and LA. Now returning home, the label is celebrating the wildly successful tour and holiday spirit with The 7 Days of Dirtybird, 7 new tracks from the label’s seasoned veterans and newcomers. Here’s our favorite, Roff, from Genghis Clan and Bott.

Check out Dirtybird here.

Henry Green x Emlyn. – All I Want For Christmas (Mariah Carey Cover)

Happy Holidays everyone! I know most of us have had our fill of the same old festive recordings on the radio, but this year great Henry Green put his delicate touch on All I Want For Christmas, and it’s the first creative spin I’ve heard on a holiday standard in a very long time. A perfect end to the day and beginning to a silent night. Hope you’re all enjoying the friends, family, and other fellow human beings and animals you find yourself surrounded by this season.

Check out Henry Green here.

Alexander Lewis x Brasstracks – Distant Memories

Feeling horny lately — A fresh graduate of the Manhattan School of Music’s jazz program, Alexander Lewis got back together once again with Brasstracks for something new, titled Distant Memories. Turning down the tempo since Life is Good, the New Yorkers managed to squeeze a lot of soul into less than three sweet minutes of Brooklyn beat. Those trumpet layers are the work of Ivan Jackson, if you want to give his solo work a listen. Can’t get enough of this combo.

Check out Alexander Lewis here and Brasstracks here.

Mura Masa – day 82

It’s been a while since Mura Masa released Miss You, the toy-box track that got us hooked back in September. Since then, the 18 year old producer has put out his debut LP, Soundtrack To A Death, achieving some big recognition across the web and growing an audience he deserves. He’s now back with new material — packed to the brim with bass, brass and R&B samples, here’s feel-good day 82.

Check out Mura Masa here.

Oslo Parks – The Night

Hitting that nonchalant sweet spot between disco-infused electro pop and bass-driven alternative rock, Oslo Parks’ The Night breezes by, leaving a good taste in your mouth and good rhythm in your feet. Coming just after their debut single, Twins, this one is for all you Foster fans out there — should be right down your alley.

Check out Oslo Parks here.

Osca – Trumpet

Osca saw the release of their debut EP Blood recently, and Trumpet was our favorite of four tracks. Introspective and wide with reverberated falsetto harmonies that bring Chris Martin of Coldplay to mind, lead vocalist Jack Kenworthy had this to say in an interview with Q Magazine:

Trumpet was inspired by a novel I was given of the same title. The book is about the life of Joss Moody, a jazz trumpeter in the 50s, who was born a female but chose to live his life as a man in order to pursue a career as a musician. It discusses the question of true identity in relation to our own actions – when Joss was playing the trumpet his gender and sexual identity became irrelevant. I really liked this idea of individuality and it became the basis for the lyrics of the song. The idea of telling someone to be who you are and not to be afraid of that. The line ‘It all doesn’t matter, let the trumpet sound’ is a direct reference to the book.

Check out Osca here.

EP: Imagined Herbal Flows – Floating

Ben Gorvine has been churning out 2 to 3 original trip-hop instrumentals a month for the past year from his home studio in DC. With that kind of productivity, you’d expect only a handful of gems to surface among the rest. But his project, Imagined Herbal Flows, is something special. Each and every (and we mean every) IMF experiment has left us stunned since we came across Gorvine’s self-released MindFull LP last spring, a collection of all his published beats up to that point. Now taking the next step, IMF has signed with DDM Recordings (the new label arm of French radio Dealer de Musique) to promote his best new material since MindFull. The Floating EP contains 5 past originals and 1 previously unreleased track, Clouds. We fell in love with these songs when they had first quietly and humbly appeared floating down IMF stream. With this professional debut, Gorvine is now stirring up a storm, and we’re excited to see where it takes him.

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Myself & Others Advent Calendar

Myself & Others is a year-old London promo group organized by freelance music journalists Tiffany Calver and Errol Anderson. The two usually bring budding underground artists to the fore with regular mixtape features, but in the spirit of the season, they’ve put together a musical advent calendar. Hip hop, soul, downtempo — each day is a new earworm coming from rising names like Karma Kid, Ta-ku, and Stwo. We’ll keep updating this playlist as Christmas day draws near; definitely one to keep coming back to.

Check out Myself & Others here.

Lips – Marian Hill

After a week-long hiatus, we’re back with new music. Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd together make Marian Hill, an electronic pop duo breaking ground with a new 7″ release yesterday — A-side Got It and B-side Lips — and despite the former reaching #1 on HypeM in October, the latter is our favorite song we’ve heard from the two yet (if you have a soft spot for AlunaGeorge, this one is for you). They met in their childhood, Lloyd hearing Gongol’s voice for the first time at a middle school talent show. After a few years working independent gigs in composition and songwriting, the two got back in touch and began developing a collaboration project: Marian Hill. Now at home in Philadelphia, the two are leaving an impression. And with Lips, they’ve brandished a lot of raw songwriting firepower and creative ammunition — lots of potential for the future.

Check out Marian Hill here.