Artist Spotlight: Galimatias

23 year old Galimatias just got his cap and gown. Studying sound design in Denmark and producing since he was 15, his sound ranges from psychedelic hip hop to electro house. But in the last year, he’s started carving out his own unique downtempo style, and inevitably sneaking into my R&R mixtapes often. Galimatias has a talent for creating atmospheres and setting moods. Keeping with the summer vibes, this week saw the release of Ocean Floor Kisses, a chill but playful 6/8 track that sounds exactly like its title.

The wah-wah ebbs and flows, floating on waves of white noise while below a gliding lead synth (that I swear sounds like a singing dolphin) pans from left to right as it swims through the mix. I also can’t ever resist a track with some crackling vinyl samples for character. Listen for those jazzy 7th chords and the sheer number of different instruments.

Last year he teamed up with vocalist Alina Baraz, who’s worked with XXYYXX and Cashmere Cat, to release an EP titled Drift for Loodma Recordings. While Galimatias does add plenty of color by slicing and dicing her vocals around, her breathy accent alone is enough to make the tracks. Also awesome to see a singer from Cleveland collaborating with a producer from Haderslev. The world really is a small place.

For now, word is that Galimatias has no plans for an LP anytime soon. Though, I’m happy knowing that I can rely on a him to dish out a new downtempo gem every few months.

Check out Galimatias here.

Also check out Brombaer, the artist who’s done Galimatias’ gorgeous album artwork, here.

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